Portfolio:Firekeepers Casino

Firekeepers Casino
Role: Programmer & Integration
Location: Battle Creek, MI
Designer: Design Lab
Integrator: Design Lab

Firekeepers casino was a very large project both for Traxon and e:cue. There were thousands of lighting fixtures being controlled by a Pharos system throughout the casino. The owners wanted several media features which the e:cue software and hardware was much better suited for. We worked on 3 major features: 2 cubes ("dice") hanging from the ceiling, covered in Traxon Mesh; 140 mirror panels along the a wall in an exploded pattern, and 164 mesh systems viewble from both front and back in the facade of the main entrance.

The facade was over 1000 feet away from the main control rack, so a fiberoptic backbone was provided in order to ensure that communication between segments remained reliable.

There are several different ways that you may want to wrap vide around a cube, so I devised a system where the designer could independantly choose a map and a video file on the fly allowing for a different look for each video.

The designers wanted to maintain control of the entire installation from their pharos server, so I wrote a custom macro that allowed them to controll all aspects of the 3 Traxon/e:cue components with 4 channels of DMX.

This was the first major installation to have used the Patchelor 5.1 software from e:cue and being that it was in an alpha stage, we came across several problems, but we were able to work with the developers at headquarters and receive updates to the software on the fly which allowed us both to finish the project and test cutting edge software in a real world enviornment to work out the bugs and make it battle worthy.

The end result is a stunning and unique peice of architectural lighing that enhances the experience of all who visit the casino.