Portfolio:Louis Vuitton Facade

Louis Vuitton Facade
Role: Programmer
Location: The Crystals Mall at City Center, Las Vegas, NV
Architect: Javier De la Garza
Design: Lighting Science Group
Installation: Lighting Science Group
Photographer: Jens Freihoefer

The Louis Vuitton facade consists of 4600 individually addressed, high powered, bright white LEDs. Although it can look like a solid screen, the system was engineered so that the pixels on the outsides are sparse in order to save on control and installation costs. This, coupled with the complex angle at the edge created an extremely complex layout.

In order to create the patch, I took the AutoCAD file wich contained the locations of each node and an excel sheet generated by Lighting Science Group containing DMX address information for each node and wrote a peice of software that allowed me to merge and cross-reference the two data sets into a single patch file. This allowed me to go back and incorporate major changes through several preliminary versions without having to resort to cross referencing the data by hand each time.

Once the patch was worked out and settled on, I created an image mask that lined up perfectly with the patch (again, auto-generated with custom software) which allowed the graphic designers at Louis Vuitton to easily create content for the installation

The content was loaded into e:cue's Video Application Suite which was, again, customized to fit the needs of this particular installation. It was set to create a pixel perfect mapping of the designer's content. The video is loaded onto a playlist on the server and programmed with the built-in astronomical clock which turns the installation on at sunset and off at sunrise so that the staff at the store never even have to know it is there.

The entire installation is set up to allow remote desktop access so that problems that arise and programming changes that need to be made can be completed from anwyere in the world.

The end product is a striking, unique, and attention pulling peice of art on the Las Vegas strip, where it is quite a feat to draw even a passing glance, let alone make people stop in their tracks to gaze at the show as I have seen many people do.