Portfolio: Medea Set Design


This is a 3d rendering of a set design that I created for Medea in 2004. It is an unrealized project from my set design class. I used this project as an opportunity to teach myself a little bit about AutoCAD and VIZ Render. The concept for this design was based on creating elements that both stayed true to the ancient greek theatre while emphasizing the relavence that the story has today. I tried to do this by using traditional elements of greek architecture (the columns and amphitheatre style stairs), but creating them out of modern materials (stainless steel for the columns, and rusted corrugated steel for the floor surfaces).

The use of the amphitheatre being inverted on the audience was deliberate. The idea is to create an environment that makes the audience feel as if they may be being watched, as sort of a subtle way of asking the audience to reflect upon themselves.