Portfolio:One Indiana Square

One Indiana Square
Role: Programmer / Technician
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Design: Fisher Marantz Stone
Installation: Long Electric

One Indiana Square is a high rise office building in the heart of Indianapolis. The tower is accented by over 200 Traxon 36LED RGB Sheild Wash fixtures, controled by a single e:cue butler xt. The fixtures are programmed to be at solid green most of the time, from sunset to sunrise. The daily cues are triggered via an astronomical clock which allows the timing to automatically adjust itself throughout the year. For holidays and special events there are a series of preprogrammed cues that can be called via a custom software interface written for the project from a building management computer in the facilities office. Special events cues include Christmas, New Years, Breast Cancer Awareness, Halloween, and scenes both for the Indianapolis Colts and Pacers.