Portfolio:Priscilla Queen of the Desert

One Indiana Square
Role: Patch programmer
Location: New York, New York
Design: Hudson Scenic
Construction: Hudson Scenic

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is a musical that has been open in Tronoto since October of 2010 and will be opening on Broadway at the beginning of 2011. The design calls for a tour bus to be covered with LEDs to turn it into a large media screen. Hudson Scenic colaborated with Traxon Technologies to coer the scenic unit with nearly 30,000 LEDs to create the effect.

Covering the bus with LEDs is only the first step, however. The technical team wanted to be able to feed video to the unit from a third party video server. To do this, e:cue Video Micro Converters were employed to convert a DVI video signal directly to DMX to be sent to the LED drivers. The creation of a patch to provide an accurate translation from 2D video to a 3 Dimensional object fell to me.

Hudson scenic proided me with a list of coordinate for each LED along with information about what string and node number the LED was. I used this information to write a small program that generated the patch by calculating DMX addresses based on the node's position. I also wrote another small utility to then read that patch and create an image mask which gave the video designers a guide to allow them to create custom content that aligned perfectly with the patch.