Portfolio:Bullshot Crummond Torture Panel

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     Bullshot Crummond is a spoof on old B detective movies. It is full of outlandish antics, feindish villans, and comical situations. One scene calls for Otto Von Bruno to torture his hostage Professor Fenton with a more complicated than neccesary machine to find out his secret formula for creating diamonds. The machine that was designed consisted of 16 light bulbs arranged in rows of 4, with each row individually controlled by switches that the actors could flip; a test tube shaped static electricity machine, a speaker mounted inside the unit; and 3 rings of LEDs on a brain pan linked to the contraption by a single cable, with each row individually controllable through the light board. To make the task even more complicated, it needed to be quickly set up and struck as it was part of a fast paced scene that involved a turntable.

     We decided that to make it as fast as possible, all of these parts needed to be controlled through a single 12 pin jones plug. I was given the task of creating a wiring diagram that would enable us to reach our goals and keep everything straight. What I came up with is the diagram you see on this page (Click Here for a full resolution PDF of the schematic.) The final design involved several jones plugs within the machine that allowed for parts to be detached for maintanence, but they all led to a single plug that had 6 circuts: one for sound, one for each ring of LEDs, one for the test tube, and one for for the actor-controlled bulbs. Each circut for the LEDs had its own transformer with a resistor to properly power the LEDs. The sound and test tube circuts were both wired directly to their load, and the circut for the panel of bulbs was wired to four switches, each controling one row.

     The project was a challenge, and several times came very near being scrapped due to lack of time, but with some hard work and persistance it finally worked out and looked beautiful on the stage.